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Aria Pura

temps de lecture: 2 minutes

Aria Pura - 1

 by MARIO CUCINELLA with Hyun Seok Kim with MARAZZI lighting iGuzzini


The wellbeing of man is a concept that should be safeguarded and protected: the quality of the air we breathe is essential for every human being, for wellbeing and health, especially in closed environments. The installation projects the visitor into an atmosphere of wellness connected with air quality, conserving the concept of pure air, as in a preindustrial situation, completely without external contamination. The installation metaphorically reproduces an experimental machine conceived as a uniform geometric solid: a simple cubical volume, hollowed on the inside to dematerialize it, evoking the idea of air as a transparent, imperceptible entity. Inside, a minimal, surreal micro-environment is recreated, an evocative space in which the visitor becomes part of the experiment, to the point of feeling immersed in a mysterious, pure reality, guided by a rhythmical play of sounds and lights. Project The installation is a monolithic cube covered with SistemN hexagonal black stoneware tiles produced by Marazzi with an advanced manufacturing process with Ecolabel and LEED certification. Visitors enter through an entrance ramp leading to a higher level, a space with neon lights marked by the vaporization of purified air by means of nozzles connected to a mechanical system. Lights, sounds and vaporized air create an atmosphere of wellbeing inside the space, like a great lung; the visitors, breathing the purified air, become an active part of the installation. With the collaboration of: Aermec for the physical plant systems, Barrisol for the internal facing, University of Bologna – Departmentof Chemistry “G.Ciamician” for scientific consulting, and Arianna Ulian for the sound. Look on Pinterest some pics of the project.