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SistemN, high performance technical stoneware for the renovation of the Media One Building

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Building Renovation in Bucharest with SistemN - 1

Boulevard Bratianu is one of Bucharest's most attractive avenues. It connects the central Piata Unirii, “Unity Square”, to the University, and along it are both elegant luxury hotels and the city's largest retail mall.

Also standing on this prestige thoroughfare is the Media One Building, the building dating from the early Twentieth Century recently renovated by architecture firm Kub Planning.

The building's restyling focused on its long, narrow façade, six storeys high with a loft on the seventh floor. In the renovation project the existing façade, very dated in style, became an internal façade, with a complex clear glass structure constructed in front of it.

The clear glass extension thus created set up a fascinating dialogue between the surfaces of the original façade, now an internal wall, and the new, transparent outer skin. The installation of an external panoramic lift helped to speed up access to the various floors.

The building's interior was refurbished with SistemN Grigio Medio 60x60 by Marazzi Tecnica, an innovative porcelain stoneware produced with the aid of environmentally-aware, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. SistemN proved to be the ideal choice for this project, with its complex varieties of surfaces and materials, since it is a porcelain stoneware collection in neutral shades (available on a graduated scale from white to black) with excellent technical performances, suitable for installation on the floors and walls of private or commercial areas, indoors and outdoors.



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