Elegance, the collection that is both minimalist and classical

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Classic Style Interiors: Elegance, Marble Effect - 1

Marble has made a major comeback as one of the latest interior design materials: its distinctive vein patterns have become a trendy texture, increasingly popular with designers for new design schemes, and also with architects for creating elegant interiors.

The dualism between tradition and modernity which marble brings to interior design is the inspiration for the Elegance ceramic wall tile collection by Marazzi: tiles which combine the effect of marble and its vein patterns with wonderful decors and 3D structures.

With Elegance, marble is brought firmly up to date with new finishes, offering the potential for infinite decorative combinations. From the Drape and Move three-dimensional structures, to the Trina decors, inspired by brocade fabrics, and Barocco Boiserie, to the mosaic with contrasting geometric decorative patterns, marble acquires a new, contemporary, eclectic personality, perfect for both covering and decorating walls.

The wealth of decorative motifs and marble patterning come in a single size – 30 x 60 cm -, a medium size with perfect proportions. There are 5 different tactile inspirations: Marfil, Statuario, Raffaello, Altissimo and Lasa.

Marble has always also represented elegance and luxury, and so it has always been one of the favourite finishes in the hotel, contract and spa sector. In these locations, attention to details and carefully chosen materials are essential, and a marble effect covering like Elegance is the perfect solution for architects in search of the beauty of marble with all the benefits of ceramic tiles and slimline thickness.
The 30x60 cm size with slimline thickness of 6 mm (8 mm for three-dimensional structures) means this material is also perfect for finishing small rooms, or for renovation projects. The 30x30 cm mosaic on fibreglass backing is also ideal for covering curved and irregular walls.


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