Different wood-effects for the new Treverktrend stoneware: larch and oak

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Different wood-effects for the new Treverktrend stoneware: larch and oak - 1

The perfect blend of classical and contemporary style in a single wood-look stoneware collection.

The most traditional oak wood embraces the minimalist soul and Scandinavian taste of larch, creating a unique, versatile wood-look stoneware collection, Treverktrend.

The rediscovery of the original material in a fresh interpretation that creates new forms of expression is the strong point of Treverktrend Rovere (oak), which in this collection reappears in an almost rustic version. The contrasting knots and the grooving typical of time-worn timber combine with deep, warm shades (Rovere Scuro, Naturale, Miele and Tortora), while the high degree of shade variation and the range of sizes available (37.5x150, 25x150 and 19x150 cm) give the potential for a vast variety of compositional and layout options.

This collection's more contemporary, unadorned side comes to the fore in Treverktrend Larice (larch), available in the 25x150 cm size in 4 shades (Perla, Ivory, Biondo and Cenere). The surface seems to carry us to central Europe, where larch is regarded as a prestige material, widely used in interior design due to its versatility.
The surface features perfectly reproduced and defined vein patterning and underlines the rich, natural decoration of the original material.

In both versions, larch and oak, Treverktrend is intended for indoor surfaces. In the photographs taken by Andrea Ferrari of the stylistic project by Stefania Vasques, Treverktrend Rovere is used in a living-room and bathroom in classical style, while Treverktrend Larice provides the perfect covering for a contemporary room with a Scandinavian touch.