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Marazzi in&out solutions to design a deluxe resort on Como Lake

temps de lecture: 3 minutes

Marazzi in&out solutions to design a deluxe resort on Como Lake - 1

The Bellagio Lake Resort project was born from designers Papis and Noe’s desire to renovate an old industrial building originally dedicated to the production of ferrous material; the result is a valuable housing complex  composed of small detached homes and apartment buildings, comprises three different lots overlooking the lake. 

The project has been designed to be as in keeping with the existing appearance of the location as possible. The aim was to create a structure that fits harmoniously into the area’s preexisting architectural fabric and that, above all, becomes an element of regeneration.

The buildings’ architecture takes full advantage of the unique view of the mountains and the large expanse of water, in one of Lake Como’s most exclusive areas.

In this context, Marazzi ceramic tiles were chosen to express the interiors’ full potential, creating attractive, modern design schemes using the Treverkhome and Treverksign wood-effect tiles in the indoor area and the marble-inspired Suite collection in size 18x36 for elegant, inviting bathrooms.

In the swimmingpool area the Multiquartz surface creates a delightful natural effect while still providing the necessary anti-slip properties. The use of DUE with SistemN Grigio Scuro finish for the terraces is a particularly interesting touch.

Particular attention has been paid to preserving the location’s character, drawing inspiration from local tradition, through a rigorous yet simple design of housing units and green spaces that sit harmoniously within their surroundings.

The proposed development has kept factors of sustainability in consideration, both in terms of the materials used and future energy savings. Mindful of issues of energy use, it is foreseen that the building will guaranty optimal thermal performance and energy efficiency. The building’s systems have been designed to obtain the maximum possible efficiency from today’s technology and make use of available alternative energy sources. In fact, the central heating system and production of hot water will use heat pumps that utilise water from the lake. Excluding, therefore, the use of combustibles for heating and cooling.


Location: Lezzeno, Como - Italy

Designer: Ing. Francesco Papais

Products used: Treverksign Gray (mix formati) ; Treverkhome Betulla (mix formati) Suite Carrara, Travertino 18x36 e 33,3x33,3 Multiquartz Gray,  Sistema Due con SistemN Grigio Scuro Bocciardato 60x60