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Stone_art. Limestone provides the inspiration for a new wall covering in size 40x120.

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Stone_art. Limestone provides the inspiration for a new wall covering in size 40x120.

Stone with its monumental beauty is back this year as a major trend in floor and wall coverings, for outdoor but also indoor spaces. But this is a modern take on stone, offering contemporary and innovative solutions with great decorative value. Indeed, stone-look stonewareopens up a wide range of possibilities and interpretations of stone, thanks to new technologies that create new visual and tactile effects.


The appeal of stone-effect solutions lies in the perfect mix of tradition and innovation in a single material: in this way, traditional Limestone is reinterpreted in the Stone_Artcollection by Marazzi with surprising new solutions.

Stone_Art proposes the classic textures and colours of Limestone, in neutral shades ranging from cold to warm, in a new large size of 40x120 that is just 6 mm thick and features original decorative effects, mosaic tiles and 3D structures.


3D effect is another key trend in interior design at present and Stone_Art collection proposes it in two unique solutions that draw inspiration from traditional stone finishings. "Move" proposes the bush-hammered stone effect on concave parts for a smooth, undulating surface; "Woodcut", meanwhile, is inspired by the chiselled finish that creates tiles with a textured, irregular surface, with intriguing plenum-and-void effects.

In addition, Stone_Art is also available in other versions with digital decorations that reinterpret the neutral shades of stone in patterns, floral motifs and mosaics.


Stone_Art stone-look tiles combine beautifully with countless other materials, allowing different moods to be created: in its warm tones it complements wood beautifully, for a cosy, welcoming atmosphere; the cool tones, meanwhile, can be paired with resins and concrete, for example, for a metropolitan and industrial vibe.

Enjoy browsing through the photo gallery for some ideas on how to use Stone_Art in the home.

Ph. Mattia Iotti & Tiziano Sartorio

Styling: Martina Lucatelli & Alessandro Pasinelli