Stonevision: large, thin slabs to cover walls

temps de lecture: 2 minutes

Stonevision: large, thin slabs to cover walls - 1

Stonevision is a faithful reinterpretation of seven prized stones (Calacatta, Thassos, Portogallo, King Beige, Travertino, Hauteville Doré e Grafite) with all the main structural and functional advantages of ceramics. It serves a clear conceptual choice: keeping with the classic tradition of covering materials, while adapting to architecture and design’s more modern needs.

Seven faithful aesthetic reproductions of the inspiring natural stones were obtained using digital technology enhanced by the white paste monoporosa base. By combining traditional applications of digital Ink Jet printing, each stone has been made available with numerous graphic “faces”, enhancing the naturalness of the original material.

Stonevision is designed to be used in residential bathrooms and offers solutions for spas and hotels’ design. It is a versatile collection that best interprets all the stylistic contexts of contemporary trends.

It is intended to suit different living styles, from the most elegant and comfortable to the most basic and minimal, creating environments that share refinement and attention to the quality of details.

Proposed a rectified size (32.5X97.7 cm), the collection offers all the style and design’s advantages of large format tiles: it is ideal for large surfaces, but able to give depth and aesthetic continuity even to small surroundings.

Its thinness (6 mm) allows Stonevision to be used in renovations or in all those situations where weight and size may be crucial.