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The boat, the sea and the scales with SistemC 3D decors

temps de lecture: 2 minutes

The boat, the sea and the scales with SistemC 3D decors - 1

The key-idea of Sor Duilio restaurant and fish market in Rome  is to combine the activity of selling fresh fish to retail and restaurant.

The project concept of the architect Davide Coluzzi is based on the combination of elements that evoke the sea, as in a boat that floats surrounded by sea and fish scales recreated by using Marazzi  3D diamond-shaped decors of SistemC_Architettura collection.

The cold atmosphere of the fish market is interspersed with wooden elements in the food to make the atmosphere cozy and warm.

The restaurant consists of two large rooms, the first is entry is dedicated to retail businesses and cocktail tables with lighting point, the second room features tables with benches covered as in a ship.
The story of Sor Duilio is told on the walls thanks to large photographic prints vintage interspersed with backlit displays.


The volumes that emerge from the walls are covered in wood and give the place a scan irregular breaking the rigidity of the pre-existence as elements of a wreck. these elements are inserted into the line of the horizon between sky and sea.