We start with A

temps de lecture: 3 minutes

We start with A - 1

SistemA, eco-sustainable crystallised porcelain stoneware, an innovative material, a new product concept, and a system of colours and surfaces for environment-friendly architecture using ceramics. Designed by an architect, Adalberto Dal Lago, for architects.

“SistemA draws on the very best of architecture and design,” Dal Lago explains, “to generate a new code of expression, based on surfaces of varying tactility, colour and modular sizes”.

Thanks to the natural shine of the crystals in its surface and its colour-through body mix of choice raw materials, SistemA comes in exceptionally bright, strong colours. The surface has great tactile appeal, derived from its exquisite colours and textures, which make it an interior design feature that will prove immune to fashion, sure to last over time.

The extreme compactness of crystallised porcelain stoneware – a ground-breaking technology patented by Marazzi - gives SistemA outstanding mechanical strength and resistance to chemicals. Its impressive technical characteristics are guaranteed by strict tests that meet all the requirements of the relevant international standards.

SistemA is a technical stoneware for use as a paving or floor or wall covering, indoors or out, and is available in 2 finishes: natural in the rectified 60x120, 60x60 and 30x60 sizes and “lux” (honed) in 60x60 and 30x60 cm (both rectified).  Suitable for all residential contexts, SistemA is an excellent product for public and retail locations with heavy traffic, and also for architectural features such as ventilated curtain walls and raised floorings. 

SistemA is available in 18 colour variants, subdivided into three groups: 6 Warm Shades, 6 Cool Shades and 6 Saturated Shades. The range’s well chosen colours give SistemA outstanding matchability and modularity, both within the collection itself and in relation to the Marazzi Colour Plan, the system of Marazzi coverings based on a new design concept that guarantees colour compatibility between ceramic materials of completely different inspiration.