XLStone: think big.

temps de lecture: 2 minutes

XLStone: think big. - 1

Large stoneware tiles for those who want to design extra-large spaces.

The XLstone collection responds to the demand for large sizes (120x120) in floor tiles, originating from the needs of architecture and interior design firms to create large, uniform surfaces that emphasise their projects’ design values.

The original material is a Grey/Beige Lipica limestone containing more or less clearly defined fossils and widely spaced whitish veins; it is very compact and frost-resistant. The stone has varying colour shades running through its fine grain, generating a chromatic range from paler to darker hues.

This natural look is therefore combined with the technical and functional properties of porcelain stoneware in an interpretation of natural stone that avoids excess, in which the expressive energy and exquisite elegance of the material’s surface variation are underlined by carefully chosen patterning.

XLstone is therefore the ideal product for architects and clients who wish to produce larger and larger uniform surfaces, allowing ceramic coverings to be used as an alternative to resin or concrete.